Our Qualifications

Our mission at TruCraft Roofing is to serve our community with the most professional roofing solutions available. We are a Ohio Certified Roofing Contractor that holds some of the highest manufacturer certifications in the industry. This means our work comes with the very best guarantees from America’s leading manufacturers!

We are fully licensed and insured.

We are respected in the industry by the manufacturers who have confidence in our work and know that we will not take short-cuts and will not cut corners.

The roofing industry, more than any other, has a reputation for accidents and injuries and worker’s compensation lawsuits. We are a part of the movement that is trying to change that! Safety is better for everyone and we take safety on the jobsite extremely seriously. When it comes to safety, TruCraft Roofing goes above and beyond. We don’t just meet industry standards and OSHA regulations, we exceed them. That’s why we have such a stellar safety record.

TruCraft Roofing has a comprehensive education program that’s delivered by an expert in the field. We have bi-weekly safety meetings where we review various safety topics. Our foremen and inspectors also make sure that the crews are abiding by our safety regulations during the project.


In addition to our stringent education program, TruCraft Roofing utilizes the most effective and advanced equipment. From ladders and harnesses, to boots and toe holds. TruCraft Roofing professionals use only the best. Of course, each member of TruCraft Roofing’s top-notched team is fully insured and OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 certified.


In addition, TruCraft Roofing will gladly share our expertise by working with your safety department to develop custom safety plans for your projects. When it comes to protection, TruCraft Roofing has you covered.


TruCraft Roofing covers you with respected industry associations. TruCraft Roofing stays on top of industry regulations and trends by being a proud member of all of the best roofing associations in existence today. Our affiliations include:

  • National Roofing Contractors Association
  • United States Green Building Council
  • Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

We are a member with the following organizations:

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