Customer Total Care is our promise to give you the best quality workmanship and service from start to finish, that’s how we approach each and every project we have. We take into consideration the building and the existing roof. We take into consideration the type of business that operates out of the building. And we take into consideration the wants and needs of the building owner or property manager.


We apply our roofing expertise to come up with the best solutions, options, and recommendations for each project. We do not have cookie cutter approaches to our projects because each project is unique. We are problem solvers.


Customer Total Care means that we’re coming up with the best roofing system to meet your needs. And it is important to understand the difference between a roofing system and just a roof.


Customer_Total_Care-2.jpgJust a roof is exactly that … just a roof.

A Roofing System considers all aspects of a roof from the roof deck to the drainage system and creates a system with everything working together to give you the best Roof possible. A top of the line roofing membrane will do you no good if the roof deck supporting it is rusted out and causing problems. A systematic, total care approach ensures that every component of your roof is sound and is working in conjunction with each of the other components.